Sunday, July 24, 2011

Customising the iPad2 for use as a Sales Tool

Apple's iPad2 is a sensational tool for sales teams for use in presenting to clients.

Right from the start of your presentation, your iPad2 can be customised to match your business brand by selecting a suitable image for the wallpaper display on the iPad:
  • Set home screen background
  • Set lock screen background
iPod Wallpaper design specifications:
  • Image Size: 1024 x 1024px
  • This will give a full screen look to the iPad even when rotated.
  • The resolution of the image must be 132dpi
  • Remember that portions of the image will be cut off both in landscape and portrait mode.
  • Key to creating the best iPad wallpaper is to choose an image that is focused around the 768×768 portion of the image
Next, to open your company's website from the desktop (if you haven't created a customised app already!) create a favicon icon shortcut browser link on home screen desktop (set icon to iPad quality).

To do this within iPad Safari web browser; save this as an icon on the desktop, which will open the website as required. Current process will save image of front page of website... preferred option would require advanced favicon code within your website HTML (metatags), that point to a specifically optimized Apple icon.

To create favicons specifically for Apple devices such as the Apple iPod Touch, iPhone, and iPad:

The recommended size is 57 x 57 pixels, with 90 degree corners. However with the more recent higher definition screens on Apple's products, Apple has their icon at 129 x 129 pixels
metatag to include in <head> code of website with Apple Formatting
<link rel="apple-touch-icon" href="/somepath/image.ico">
metatag to include in <head> code of website without Apple's reflective shine
<link rel="apple-touch-icon-precomposed" href="/somepath/image.ico">