Friday, February 4, 2011

Check your Feedback Forms

Over the last couple of weeks I have been performing a very simple service for our clients of actually testing their online feedback communication forms that they have set up in their contact us pages. These are a great way to collect structured enquiries, put the data into CRMs in the office, present confirmation/thank you pages and even tie in auto responders so that the end user receives an immediate feedback interaction maybe with specific sales information provided through choice mechanisms... all great - if they work!

I have been surprised at how many clients's website feedback forms don't actually work.

Oops, that really causes consumer frustration and confusion and a lost sale, and with the way social media is so active these days it may also lead to a flame of disappointment about the interaction that the client isn't even aware of.

So check and test now, and make sure your feedback form does actually work and deliver as you expect. And when testing, try it as a user... and try to break it! What if you miss out fields, what if you put irregular characters like ' or " or / or $, what if you put certain words 'sexy' does it get caught in your spam filters?

And set up a regular check process, as things may change. If you change host, if your website designer does an update, if your security/spam/email settings get update, these could all be things that cause a problem along the path.

I would also suggest the inclusion of an email address on your contact us page. This provides a mechanism for people to contact you in the way they 'they' prefer, and also enable them to send attachments as appropriate.