Saturday, February 5, 2011

Link your Google Adwords to a highly relevant landing page

To help you maximise the visibility of your Google Adwords campaign, reduce your CPC (Cost Per Click), and provide a higher conversion rate, deliver the consumer to the page that matters in the website.

Take users to a landing page within the website that meets the expectations set up in your ad copy. This expectation reduces consumer frustration and instead increases engagement due to a correct match of advert to result, creating the preferred user experience.

Highlighting prominently within the copy on the landing webpage your keywords. Show the consumer that they have got what they want quickly, and then deliver the Call To Action (CTA) - the tease for engagement to create the conversion.

Tip: ensure your CTA is above the fold, as many (~80%) of users may not scroll down the page!

Also, to improve the user experience, ensure that your landing page load times are quick. This should be a must for your SEO and your SEM campaigns anyway, just as important as providing a clean coded and validating website, that is functional, effective and where simple things like the browser back and close buttons function properly on your site. is a leading Perth SEO and SEM company that specialises in Search Engine Optimisation, Search Engine Marketing as well as engaging clients in Social Media Marketing for their businesses. In my role as Head of Search for Search Group, I like to see businesses succeed in their online marketing campaigns and achieve the return on investment (ROI) from their commitment by using a focused approach, test and measuring, and communicating on milestones through good reporting.