Thursday, June 11, 2015

Facebook and the social salesperson

Facebook has come a long way in recent years, transforming from a hub for casual users and posters (Farmville, anyone?) to a veritable social media giant. Today, businesses from all over the world take advantage of features and benefits made possible by Facebook’s ever active development team not only to bolster their online presence but also to enhance their ability to promote content to their customers.

The numbers show that Facebook beats all other social networks in terms of number of users. Surveys show that there are currently around 1.4 billion Facebook users from all over the world. A whopping 55.02% of the entire Australian population have an account. Facebook also leads in terms of monthly visitors, with 900 million unique visits from users who click, share and post status updates.

These figures give a clear indication of the extent of Facebook’s reach. This is an excellent point to remember when you design your Search Marketing Integration (SMI) strategy. These days, just creating outstanding content will not garner for you the response and traffic you anticipate—you will need a figurative courier who will deliver the content right where your intended audience can find it. The numbers suggest that Facebook is one of the best tools for this exact purpose.

The social salesperson

For this strategy to succeed, you will need to adopt a few changes. You will have to take the role of a social salesperson or if you can, hire someone else who can. A social salesperson understands or endeavours to understand your market, your product, the problems you may encounter and the solutions to said problems. This individual’s role is to maximise your SMI efforts not just by incorporating SEO techniques but also by ensuring that the right content is created for every stage of the sales funnel.

Like salespersons in brick-and-mortar institutions, the social salesperson will represent your brand. As such, it is their responsibility to create and maintain an online presence through which they can engage consumers in conversations and discussions. They will manage the creation of content and its distribution through social media. They must ensure that shared content will have a positive impact for your company.

Facebook will do a good job as the tool of choice for any social salesperson. Its features (from pages to Messenger) and its extensive reach can be used to your brand’s advantage. A social salesperson can post URLs to direct traffic, post videos and images and effectively open channels where they can interact directly with customers. Needless to say, integrating other social media platforms would improve results, but there is no denying how large the role Facebook will play in your SMI efforts.

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