Friday, June 26, 2015

Is your Marketing prepared for the new Financial Year?

As July 1st rapidly approaches, it is now that time of the year to consider the new financial year, allocation and distribution of marketing budgets, analysis and review of the successes with ROI from the past financial year, and goals for the new financial year ahead.

For many of our clients this past year, significant ROI success has been had through Pay-Per-Click advertising across multiple channels, where we offer; Google Adwords, YouTube Ads, Remarketing, Bing Adwords, Facebook Ads, LinkedIn Ads and now Twitter Ads. With useful focused targetting features to match demographic profiling, and capture consumers at the time of interest and intent to purchase, this style of marketing had lead to higher conversions and sales.

Mobile technology is an integral part of your customers everyday lives. As a marketer, you need to get on board now, if you haven't embraced this aspect of your marketing preparedness. Probably not 'every' mobile marketing activity is suitable for your particular business, so you do need to carefully consider the appropriate options.

For your mobile marketing activities, you might consider:

Responsive website design
Responsive landing page design
Responsive email design with MailChimp
PPC Advertising and Display advertising
Native mobile apps
SMS and MMS messaging
Optimal campaign activity time for mobile users

For some industries, and some businesses, times are unfortunately tough, but cutting your marketing kills your business very fast! During lean times, it’s absolutely natural and necessary for a business owner to look at how to cut costs and maximise profit margins.

Remember to invest in Customer Loyalty: It’s always easier to sell to people who already know, like, and trust you. Reward customers for referrals they bring you. Call former customers as a follow-up and see how they are doing and if there’s anything you can help them with.

Create some local PR: Publicity has the power to tell thousands of prospective new customers about your business. Write a press release or find a way your company can tie into a trending event and tell the media. If you are not sure how to use #hashtags for event marketing, come along to one of Vorian's free marketing seminars for a helping hand.

Reconnect with your local business network organisations: Leave the office, shake some hands, and connect with other local business owners. Don't forget to connect with those you meet via LinkedIn.

Send weekly e-mail newsletters: This makes sure that your followers don’t forget about you. Plus it gives you an opportunity to share tips, ideas, and resources that provide value and showcase your expertise. Vorian Agency is now a MailChimp Expert Company, and can help you to set up and manage regular enewsletter content, automated mail touch points, or responsive templates that work for mobile devices.

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