Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Adjust crawl speed for MSNBot

If you feel that MSNBot is crawling your site too frequently, you can use the crawl delay directive in robots.txt. Please refer to the MSNBot support page for more information. Here are a few recommended settings:

Slow (wait 5 seconds between each request)

Crawl-delay: 5

Really Slow (wait 10 seconds between each request)

Crawl-delay: 10

Note that setting the crawl delay reduces the load on your servers, but it also increases the amount of time it will take MSNBot to index your website (proportional to the length of the delay), and possibly make it more difficult for your customers to find your site on Live Search.

Another great way to reduce the impact of MSNBot on your website is to enable HTTP Conditional GET and HTTP Compression as outlined in our prior blog post.