Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Pre-emptive action for online brand management

35 percent of the biggest companies own the negative domains or, .net, .org or similar.
This is a pre-emptive strike action for online brand management damage prevention.
FairWinds analysis on 1,058 domain names for companies on the Global 500 and Fortune 500 lists showed that of the companies surveyed, 35% own the domain name for their brand followed by the word "sucks." They include Wal-Mart Stores, Coca-Cola, Toys"R"Us, Target and Whole Foods Market, according to FairWinds. Some 45% of these domains have yet to be registered by anyone.

Many companies that own these domain names publish no content on them, but simply park and hold them, others take a further procative approach and include support and customer help details or FAQs.

Some companies have been much more aggressive than others. Xerox, for example, has bought or registered about 20 unflattering domain names, including, and

In an ideal world we would never have to consider these options, but unfortunately comments on the internet last forever, particular with search engines, so many people who know how to use search engines, research a company or individual  are bound to find negative sentiments in the SERPs.