Friday, July 23, 2010

List of Semantic Code Elements

ABBR and ACRONYM: For Abbreviations and Acronyms. They have an accompanying title tag which you can use to describe the actual meaning of the abbreviated word or acronym.

CITE: Citation, used to cite a source of information.

CODE: Computer or Programming code.

DEL: Deleted word or phrase.

DFN: Definition.

DL: Definition List. Similar to UL and OL, but uses DT (Definition term) and DD (definition description) to show terms and definitions.

EM: Emphasis, displayed as italicized text.

INS: Insert, used to display text you have inserted due to an edit at a later date.

KBD: Keyboard instructions.

OL: Ordered List.

SAMP: Sample output, used to show sample output from programming code.

STRONG: Strong, or bold, emphasis on a word or phrase.

UL: Unordered List.

VAR: Variable, used to represent a variable in programming code.