Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Keywords in URLS - Information Architecture

I suggest the inclusion of high audience and pay per click keywords into the naming convention (referred to as the nomenclature) within the website. Aim to include real search phrases as part of a page’s URL structure.

Search engines like Google and Yahoo directly match keywords typed in by users and return relevant URLs in the search engine results. URLs which have keywords which match those typed into the search engine typically are returned in priority.

The Keyword Information Architecture approach has proven to increase search engine indexation for an entire website.


Add keywords to the URLs throughout the website according to keywords that are either:

1. High Price and Converting Keywords purchased on search engines such as Google.com
2. Keywords which refer users to the client website that lead to high time spent viewing
3. Keywords competitors are optimizing on
4. Keywords that result in qualified leads and closed orders from lead sources


The rationale for having keywords twice in the URL is to ensure search engines recognize this URL is more heavily weighted to these keywords and ensure higher search engine rankings.

Here is an example of how SearchForecast implemented keywords in TuVox Inc website.

The following list of keyword phrases are sourced from Google.com

Keywords Estimated Avg. CPC
hosted IVR $15.01
IVR $12.43
VoiceXML $7.82
speech recognition software $5.40
Speech recognition $5.38
VXML $3.75
Source: Google.com

These keywords are then threaded into the URLs as below:


On Demand Speech Apps
Former URL: http://www.tuvox.com/prod_ondemand.html
New URL: http://www.tuvox.com/ivr_solutions/ivr_speech_recognition/VoiceXML_VXML.html

Call Routing
Former URL: http://www.tuvox.com/prod_apps_routing.html
New URL: http://www.tuvox.com/ivr_solutions/ivr_speech_recognition/voice_self_service/call_routing.html

Where possible use relevant high yielding keywords when building descriptive URL’s.

It’s also important to not make URL’s too long – keep them to fewer than 1024 characters. Use the home pages, or main category pages to target primary, most competitive keywords. These have the best chance or ranking highly