Tuesday, July 27, 2010

SEO Map Listings on Search Engines


Five Ways to Use Windows Live Search Maps Windows Live Search Maps is a no-cost global mapping and search service that lets you search specific locations for businesses, people, and detailed maps. You can see overhead or 3-D views of many major cities.

Here are five ways Windows Live Search Maps can help your business.

1. Add your business to Live Search Maps results. Say you run an art supply shop. When map users type in " art supplies " and the name of your city, they should be able to find you. So add your business listing to the online directory used by the mapping service. Live Search Maps provides an online form that you can fill out and submit that includes your address, telephone number, and other basic business information.

After your information is added to the Live Search Maps business directory database, users searching it for your type of business in a certain locale will see your business marked on the map. By placing the cursor on the mark, your address and telephone number are displayed.

2. Add a driving directions link on your website. Your website may have general instructions on how to get to your place of business. However, these directions can never take into account where every customer is coming from. The interactive capabilities of Live Search Maps enable the map user to pinpoint your location and their location and then find detailed driving instruction between the two points. This can be a great comfort and convenience for those trying to find your workplace in an efficient manner.

3. Locate potential customers. Use Live Search Maps to locate the types of business in your area that use your services and products. Many companies prefer to do business with suppliers and service providers that are nearby.

4. Discover where your competitors are. Every business needs to keep track of its competition. Use Live Search Maps before you launch or expand your business to search for similar businesses near where you want to set up shop. Even after you have established your location, search your area periodically for new competition that has moved in. Visit their locations to discover how you might differentiate your business from theirs.

5. Discover areas that need your service. If you want to add new business, use Live Search Maps to pinpoint areas where your type of service is in limited supply or not offered at all.

Live Search Maps not only offers a great way to add visibility for your business, but also to gain insight into new business opportunities.