Monday, August 9, 2010

Code Efficiency for search engine visibility

To maximise search engine visibility for a website, the ideal location for the main body text is immediately after the <BODY> tag. This location ensures maximum visibility and pick-up for your content by the search engine spiders and website crawlers.

Consider the following to reduce code bloat:
Use of external style sheets for design elements
Use of external Javascript where possible
Use of a CSS based navigation menu

This process also assists in page management, code stability, debugging and a better end-user experience via streamlined HTML code. Consider the following search engine optimisation technique called ‘absolute positioning’ to avoid search engine crawlers visiting the website but not indexing the low positioned content.

Absolute positioning will allow you to write pages in the order required to maximise the likelihood of search engines spiders crawling the source code and to provide control over the order of content elements appearing in the visitor’s browser when accessing the various sections of your website.