Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Increasing Keyword Density through bottom/footer links

Increase the navigational link opportunity throughout all pages across the website by creating a series of bottom footer tags.

Creating these visible hyperlinked text links on each webpage increases the user navigation whilst supplementing the website with high audience keywords that are being used in the pay per click advertising. For sites that may have been designed without an initial SEO focus, and have navigational elements embedded in Flash or scripts that leave a visiting search bot scratching its head as to how to follow and explore deeper into your site, this is an effective solution that provides usability and SEO rich features.

By developing bottom Footer Tags which are standardised across every webpage throughout the website. These hyper-text links are keywords that provide tunnels for search engine spiders, crawlers and robots to access every page on the website whilst adding to the keyword density of each page – without compromising the simple sign up functionality of the website that users are looking for. They can also be hidden behind a link and not exposed on the main pages – to avoid competitors detecting a search engine linking strategy.

With the constant modification of Search Engine algorithms, future algorithm updates may do away with all repetitive and similar looking links to websites. Therefore, it is important to create a range of links and not one standard link text. By doing this, the search engines are not likely to detect a pattern and this may assist in preserving your PageRank if the algorithms change.

Partly off-topic tip: Change the anchor text of a “more” link to the keyword the “more” page deals with!