Thursday, August 5, 2010

Keyword Density in SEO on-page copy

Our goal - achieving 7% or more of Keyword Density per 250 words for each webpage.

Where possible, each web page should have high pay per click and high traffic keywords included into the body copy at a density level of approximately 7% for 250 words – which works out to being about 20 words. It is important that the keywords are contained on the first line of each paragraph. (Just like in school, the starting sentence of the paragraph grasps our attention, then unfolds through the rest of the paragraph as more is unveiled to support the idea being presented in the paragraph).

Use keyword density analysers to analyse the keyword density of keywords on your web site pages or measure the keyword density of your competitor's website to determine the optimum keyword density for your own keywords. The links provided below allow you to enter the URL and search word or phrase which you would like to run the keyword density analyser on (without quotes). The aim - is to have your focus 3/5 keywords-phrases appear predominantly in the results.

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