Tuesday, August 3, 2010

SEO using PDF files

PDF files greatly assist visibility throughout search engine results pages. High natural search engine results are received by PDF documents.

Search Engine Visibility and Adobe

Adobe Publisher allows descriptions to be added into the document which allows search engine optimization to be related to off page elements such as PDF documents. Each document should have high audience keywords and the descriptive phrase in the Title Tag, Page Heading and Paragraph heading provides keyword density for search engines.

PDF files greatly assist indexation throughout search engine results pages. This is because search engines perceive these documents to be very helpful to users. Although search engines read and store some PDF documents in html files on their servers, if the PDF file name is consistent with the content, they will index it and return these files with higher rankings. To improve your SEO capabilities through .pdfs on your own website, have your design team consider deploying PDF documents into various sections of the website and classify these PDFs with a separate nomenclature as this will improve search engine visibility.

For Acrobat Reader files, Google SERPs now shows information such as the author details form the .pdf in results. This is also an area that can be optimised and searched upon.