Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Load Images Last... a SEO technique using css

Search engine optimisation often requires techniques to ensure the search engine crawlers can see content higher in the source code, instead of it being hidden deep below source code and images. The ‘Load Images Last’ technique aids in higher natural search engine rankings.

Many websites, load webpages from top to bottom, therefore having images and navigational scripts loading first with the content following.

Moving non indexable content below the main text by the use of absolute positioning can greatly increase search engine keyword density and page rank.

This ensures that the first content block to load and the first content encountered by crawlers is the main body text, which has been optimised with keyword phrases and keyword density methodologies. Ensure that optimised text is placed higher up the page than navigation and graphical images.

Style sheets, need to be maximised for search engine optimisation best practice.