Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Tips for Good Copywriting

Here is a list of considerations when reviewing or writing the copy for your website:

Mention what you offer exactly on your site/page, use brands and exact product names
Mention where you offer it “Travel Services Australia”.
Mention why you offer it “We offer recycling solutions because we believe that clean business is profitable business”.
Mention to whom you offer it: “Web hosting solutions for small businesses”
Explain one key term on the page eg. your homepage contains: SEO (Definition: search engine optimisation, the process of making websites more search and search user friendly)
Replace your homepage images with smaller ones in byte size (below 50 kb) so that non-broadband users stick with you. (Okay off topic slightly, but just an ongoing reminder on the importance of this one). 
Convince! Start the first or second sentence of your page with “We will make you number one in…” instead of solely describing “Product X offers…”
Add your name to the text: Bart, CEO of Simpson Industries... people trust people, not companies.
Understand your audience by researching business related keyword phrases.
Write informative titles and descriptions.
Link the title, description and keyword metatags to the content on the page.
Use language that a user/customer expects and understands.
Good content - emphasise the subject matter within the content.
Did you remember your USP (Unique Selling Proposition)? What makes your company or product different and better to what else is out in the marketing? Why should people buy yours?!