Tuesday, August 3, 2010

What can Google actually index?

Google can index most types of pages and files. The most common file types include:

Adobe Portable Document Format (.pdf)
Adobe PostScript (.ps)
Atom and RSS feeds (.atom, .rss)
Autodesk Design Web Format (.dwf)
Google Earth (.kml, .kmz)
Lotus 1-2-3 (.wk1, .wk2, .wk3, .wk4, .wk5, .wki, .wks, .wku)
Lotus WordPro (.lwp)
MacWrite (.mw)
Microsoft Excel (.xls)
Microsoft PowerPoint (.ppt)
Microsoft Word (.doc)
Microsoft Works (.wks, .wps, .wdb)
Microsoft Write (.wri)
Open Document Format (.odt)
Rich Text Format (.rtf)
Shockwave Flash (.swf)
Text (.ans, .txt)
Wireless Markup Language (.wml, .wap)