Monday, August 23, 2010

Keyword Suggestion Resources

Keyword Suggestion Resources:


Wordtracker Free Keywords:

Google AdWords Keyword Suggestion Tool:

Google Suggest Tool - shows frequently search for phrases starting with the words and letters in your query:

Keyword Discovery - free keyword tool from Trellian:

Microsoft Keyword Forecast - shows predicted Microsoft search impression count and historical trends:

Keyword Mutation Detection - Detect frequent misspellings or alternative spellings of the same keyword in search query logs:

Wordze - nice for generating decently large keyword lists quickly and inserting them into paid search campaigns:

Metaspy - see what others are searching for currently keyword suggestion tool

Use KeywordPad to Clean, Modify & Multiply (Long Tail) Your Keyword Lists

Keyword Research Tool - Webmaster toolkit

Keyword Suggestions Overture - SEO Chat

Website Keyword Suggestions - Webconfs

Keyword Suggestion Tool - Self SEO

Keyword Valuation Tools

Google Traffic Estimator - shows the estimated bids prices and ad clicks for the top ranked AdWords ad. Allows you to check for [exact match], "phrase match", or broad match.

SEO & Internet Marketing Google Gadget Tools

Search engine keyword position tools

When done correctly, search engine positioning can increase web traffic by a tremendous amount. Use these tools to check your current position of your keywords in major search engines like: Google, Yahoo, MSN:

Search Engine Keyword Position - SEO Chat  

Keyword Analysis Tool - Mcdar

SERPS Position Checker - LinkVendor

Website Position Tool - Rnk1

Dictionary Resources:

Using Dictionaries & Thesaurus: Here’s a great starting point for you to consider variations on a theme – use the online Thesaurus to generate associated and similar words to your key focus words.