Sunday, August 15, 2010

Outward Link Benefits

Search engines not only count the number of external websites that backward link to the client website but their algorithm considers the number of Outward Links from that client website to external websites.

Search Engines consider a website desirable for higher search engine indexing where it contains easy to navigate pathways from each page with a website.

Higher value outward hyper text links should be spread throughout each webpage to the following types of organizations:
- Government departments (.gov)
- Associations and Business networks (.net)
- Related Trade Organizations (.org)
- Information websites and directories (.info)
- Independent Commercial organizations such as news, media and magazines websites (.com)

Include search engine friendly info: Although search engines do not specifically state that there is specific content or file extensions that they rank higher in their search engine results pages, experience in many industry sectors suggest that they have a strong preference for particular formats and content such as PDFs, FAQs, case studies and glossaries.